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Sound Design for Lou Doillon to Addias

Lou Doillon

Lou in Jalou @ Chez Laperouse

also Lou Doillon


Adidas Love

Claude Sérieux

Born September 8, 1967 in Germany from a Japanese/ Vietnamese mum and a French /Senegalese dad. My 5 elder brothers & sisters were listening their own style (Soul / R&B / Funk, Pop/Rock, Hits, Disco, French singers…) while my father was into Jazz, Gregorian chants, Rock and other ball-dance music; and my mother was listening to Motown on French, German or American radio all day long. All rooms had their own stereo so the environment was strong and eclectic.

Claude baby

First tapes: Rolling Stones, Polnareff, and Bill Haley compilations. Dylan, Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Ella, Sinatra, Nat Cole, Tom Jones… Were always played in my home. As I grew into my teens, I discovered my “own” music with the Specials, Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, disco & pop hits  and Gershwin. Bowie and the Rolling Stones started learning English.

Early 80’s Hip Hop is in the only place (for me and a handful of friends anyway). We start breakdancing and I got more interested in Musicals (Gene Kelly, Oz, Fame…). At this time i start DJing for teenagers’ parties and buying a lot of records…2Tone, Stiff, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, Malcolm Mclaren, Herbie Hancock, West Street Mob, Clash, Reggae, etc. We got pretty caught up fast by the New Wave era: Propaganda, FGTH, Art Of Noise, Siouxsie Sioux, Depeche Mode, Cure, Kraftwerk, Everything But The Girl… The Smiths were a revelation as I discovered. With Rough Trade/Virgin, I realised it was ok for anybody to start a label as an indie, which inspired me.

1985: Back to France, studying in Aix-en-Provence where my neighbour was the DJ of THE “ROCK” club in town, spinning all POP/Rock styles. I learned a lot lot about having people dance without “dance hits” club music. I also had the best initiation on the 60s and 70s music (my favorite).

Claude Napoli Sunset Party

1986: Back home in Toulon still studying. I joined a local Musicians association “Barock” organizing concerts of underground bands. I was also working part time at “La Phonoteque” which was THE local record shop. That was like one of the best memories of my life. I kept on learning on all styles and all the regional clubs were ordering and buying records from me.  Riviera type disco clubs playing funk, disco and dance hits… Including Pop and Rock and putting the Dancefloor on fire… Then House Music arrived pretty fast along with a come back of hip hop getting more “universal” with RUN DMC/Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, EPMD, Def Jam… This is also when a new French underground scene finally emerge: Mano Negra, Negresses Vertes, Berurier Noir… With indie record labels. Time had come for me to try and get into the industry.

red claude

1988: Still studying in Montpellier. Assistant manager OTH indie punk band. Concerts with Mano Negra, Negresses Vertes, etc… I also realize that I may love crossovers/fusion music because I am myself born from a big fusion/crossover.

1989: Leaving France for Los Angeles: hip hop don’t stop (Afrocentrics, De La Soul, Tribe, Jungle bros and fusion (Chili Peppers, Fishbone, Living Colour)…

Claude go ape

1990: NYC. Intern @ Modern World Music (music industry services) working on Musidisc Records, Tomato Records (Blues / jazz) and The Dutch Rock Foundation. Also bar backing at the Limelight which was one of the leading clubs in town with Kenny Dope, Jellybean, Dee Lite, rock nights, industrial nights (discover ministry, NIN, …) … Learning more.

1991: Back in France, in Paris. Start to work for Paul Smith, go to London, acid jazz was getting big then, but discovered Triphop at its birth, fell in love with it and decides to start DJing a mix of triphop, hip-hop and rock (Mowax, Ninja, Hendrix, Floyd…) never stopped since then. Early 90s Gangster rap and the West Coast was also a big chock !

1999: Start working at YSL, trip to Japan, meet United Future Organization. Represent them in Paris for a year. Still DJing.

2003: I start my label “Les Disques Sérieux which is working more on the publishing side than the production. More like a laboratory. Electro-Acoustic experiments, trip-hop, and abstract hip-hop.

Co-founder and member of the ROKERZ parties with Comet records, Ya Basta! records, le shop-Paris, and INK graphics

claude at home

2004 to th Present: I keep on DJing for parties and events,  but definitely switching my business more into digital, and synchronization / sound design for films or environment (shops, hotels, etc…).


Fridays Resident DJ @ coolin-Paris

Former residencies: Le Shop Paris (concept store), Club KULT – Moscow

Music :

Ninja Tune vs. Nublu party @ Midem07  Cannes, France

La Fabrique (Shanghai) + DJ Ben Huang 2005

Bassan spring celebration Lahore (Pakistan) 2005

Dublin Latin Quarter Festival (+ Trio Moccoto)  2004

Alexandria Library Multimedia Festival (Egypt) ‘sound + vision’ performance with Egyptian orchestra + DJ booking in Cairo and Haguimi  August 2003

The Roots after show party @ la scene_Paris 2003

Common after show party @ la scene_Paris 2003

The Roots after show party @ Batofar_Paris 2003

Linz electronicars Festival (+ dj spooky) – Austria 2003

Gotan Project after show party @ Bataclan_Paris 2003

Gotan Project album release party Paris 2001

Club Blue /Tokyo +United Future Organization 1999

Respect + Ashley Beedle 1997 (Queen Paris)

Dimitri from Paris “sacrebleu” release party Paris 1996

Rokerz parties with Richard Dorfmeister (g-stone), Attica Blues (Mo’Wax / straight ahead), DJ Cam, Soul Jazz sound system, Far Out recordings DJ team, Roudoudou

Film Industry:

“Rush Hours 3” film premiere party – Musee de l’Homme – Paris September 2007

Festival du film policier – Cognac 2006

Cannes Film Festival (May 2002): 2 weeks residency at Noga Hilton Terrace (parties for Reebok, Ferrari, Cimmaron, “Sex in The City”, Crash magazine)

“Filles Perdues, Cheveux Gras” film “premiere” party

claude fashionclaude.

Fashion :

Rock&Republic fashion week party@hotel Crillon Paris March 2008 (with Joana Preiss)

Lee Cooper’s by Lou Doillon fashion week party @ Laperouse Paris March 2008

Rock&Republic fashion week party@hotel Crillon Paris October 2007 (with Nadege Winter))

Bjorn Borg White fashion show Stockholm January 2008 & August 2007

L’Oreal shooting party by LA CHOSE June 2007

S fashion magazine release party Paris April 2006

Miu-Miu after show party at Laperouse Paris March06 (with Pedro Winter)

“Three on the Bund” fashion show (YSL, Y. Yamamoto, Costume National, Marni, Demeulemeester) – show music and after show party Shanghai 2005

Adidas “Miss E” line launch in Stockholm 2004

Y3 apartments 2004 (Yohji Yamamoto + Adidas)

Kenzo compilation (Sony) 2002

Benetton shop opening party 2002 – Reims

Rochas March 2002 couture show music

Paul Smith mens Spring-Summer 1999 show

Who’s Next fashion exhibition 97

Lacoste various shows 1997-98

Fred Sathal after show party Paris 1996

Costume National otranto beach chill out 1998

Paul Smith 1992-1998

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Homme 1998-2000

Saint Laurent UK + Japan 1998-2000

Parties & Events:

La Chose Ad agency launch party Paris June 2006

Ducati party @ Shanghai Moto Grand Prix 2005

Magnum photo agency anniversary party Paris June 2002

Attitude Skate World Cup 1998 in Montpellier-France



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